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Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:41 am

  • Hello

    This post may be in the wrong place but i will give it a go anyway.

    Seeing as you are somewhat of pioneers is signal processing i thought i would share some of my own thoughts regarding new functions this area.

    The device and functions i would like mimics that of any other speaker processor on the market but with some differances :

    1. multisploe filters capabillities (or variable slope filters)

    Filters that can vary along the slope, for example a HP filter that starts as a 6db/Okt bessel at 6kHz then shifts to a 24dB/Okt Linkwitz at 2kHz in order to compensate for variations in the raw driver frequency graph.

    Could be useful when processing a 2" driver with an increase in sensitivity from 10kHz down to 1kHz of about 10dB, i using conventional filter 24dB/Okt at 1kHz would still mean a very harsh sound, gain compensation alone will do little good as you would the loose the high end.

    2. raw driver frequency messurement capabillties.

    Consider a 3-way system, each driver has its own sensitivty and frequency range (as usually is the case), the capabillity to messure each driver in the sepaker box separatly with no processing applied could give us alot of useful data.

    For example the DSP could then sugest filters (see above) and gain for the drivers individually in order to achive a complete speaker response as close to flat (or other desired response) as possible using only the crossover module, this could be achived using an RTA messurement and suitable microphone, a step up from the otherwise common AutoEQ functions available on the market today wich does not adress the crossover, only the EQ.

    This could also be used as a passband auto EQ device, making sure that each driver is flat within it's sugested range, a solution otherwise apllied on the system as a whole for example on the driverack series from DBX amongst others.

    3. Delay messurement capabillities.

    The possibillity to messure the time differance between the different drivers using the same microphone and RTA system mentioned above, the DSP can then sugest suitable delaysettings for each driver individually so that the filters used in (1.) will work as intended, no cancelation in the crossover points.

    This is perhaps more of a loudspeaker DIY tool then a field device, but it could cut down development time for a loudspeaker DIY nutter like me, you still have to know how to build a loudspeaker, but it would sure be alot easier as along as you understand what you need to achive and what the tools do.

    Just a thought // Anders
    Best Regards // Anders Martinsson
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Wed Sep 10, 2008 3:37 pm

  • Thanks for the input, Anders.

    I will send this link to our developers.
    Brad Sambrano
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    Brad Sambrano
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