K12 and Ksub, unbalanced problems

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Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:03 pm

  • Hi QSC guys, still having that weird unbalanced versus balanced cabling problem, on the K12's. I forgot my balanced cables last week and had to borrow #2 1/4" unbalanced cables (coming from the Roland VR-760), and lo and behold, half way through the 2nd set, my right speaker went down (out). I pulled the cable out, let it sit for 2 songs , replugged and it & made it the last set, but I was more conservative with my volume (I was also playing left handed bass).Just weird, gotta remember the balanced cables...Also, just ordered the Ksub (left hand bass, etc...)sooooooooooo, can I plug my 2 keyboards into the left and right K12's to mix the 2 keyboards, then take the summed outputs of the K12's via XLR and go L&R into the Ksub? Does the K12 pass full signal when in the 'sub' setting on the eq?
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  • AHhhh.... Left-handed bass players give us the toughest questions!! (But you're the only ones in your "right" minds!)

    I'm not sure exactly what happened with the unbalanced 1/4" connections. It's possible, I suppose, that you were overdriving the speakers to the point they went into a thermal protect, but I'm unsure. By deduction, if you were then "babying" the signal to get through the rest of the gig I think this might have been the case of too much front-end signal. Do you recall where you had the Line/Mic switch set?

    Regarding your wiring plans with the KSub:
    I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, sorry. Can you reply, either here on the forum or to me directly via my email below, with a simple diagram? I want to make sure I understand what you are asking.

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