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Fri May 30, 2014 11:33 am

  • QSC power amps are rack mountable. They fit into standard 19-inch equipment racks, with 1.75-inch spacing per rack unit height, which are used universally throughout the world.

    In addition to front rails, heavy-duty pro-quality equipment racks usually also have rear rails to provide additional support. It is important to support a rack-mounted power amp at the rear, especially in portable, mobile, or rolling equipment racks, because failing to do so could allow the rack or the equipment to suffer damage. This is true even for lightweight power amps. In racks where multiple amplifier units are stacked one atop another, at least provide support for the top and bottom units.

    UPATE July 2016: GOOD NEWS!! Due to popular demand, QSC now has these parts in stock again! Click the links below to go to the QSC Parts page for:

    FG-000031-00 the 3-inch long ears


    FG-000081-00 the 7-inch long ears

    Image Image

    You may obtain suitable alternative brackets and hardware at various pro audio suppliers, including these companies:
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