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Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:49 am

  • Not sure if this is supported in hardware - however this is a big feature request for me - I like the fact that q-sys gives me a degree of automation without having to add external control systems - however what would really make life awesome would be 802.1Q support (VLAN Tagging).

    I envision (for instance) that q-lan would be the untagged VLAN, and then the ability to "add" tagged VLAN's to the primary/secondary interface - which of course would then have their own IP config. I have a few situations where if I wanted qsys to be on the same network as some of the devices I was controlling I had to do some funky hacks in the switch to ensure that IGMP and the various multi-cast devices all played nicely. If I could simply vlan them, everything would have been roses.
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