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Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:58 am

  • Hi All

    I have a component I've made for 'routing' some HDbaseIP stuff. I am wondering if there is a way to add properties to containers (fillable in the right hand properties pane) that can be filled in at build, not after the system is live - the component is a container holding a single scriptable control - there are some "pre-start" variables that I want to expose like IP addressess, unit ID's etc, which I have done at the moment through a text box for each and then reading those values at the top of the script into my variables. It works, but it means I need to run the design, fill in the details, then restart the script (or stop and reemulate or reload the design on the core). Not ideal. So I tweaked it to have an initialise function which populates the variables which is called upon loading the design but also triggered by a button.. Again, not ideal in my mind.
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  • Hey,

    The approach I usually take is not to read the values into variables, and just re-read the controls each time I need to use them.

    If something substantial needs to happen when one is changed (like a socket needing to be reconnected when the IP is changed), I attach an event handler to the IP Address control to handle that disconnect and reconnect. I then just call that event handler function when the script starts as well.

    If you really want to move things out to properties, you can do this by writing plugins.
    Check out the thread on plugins at TAG Share:


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