How do I upgrade my CXD / PLD amplifier's firmware?

Information for PLD and CXD Series amplifiers. A work in progress.

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  • Follow below steps to upgrade your amplifier firmware:
      1. Launch QSC Amplifier Navigator application. If your computer is connected to the internet, Amplifier Navigator will automatically check QSC website for the newer or latest release. If you don't have QSC Amplifier Navigator installed on your computer, you can download it at this URL:
      2. Turn on your amplifier and wait about one minute. Amplifier should be ready in RUN mode.
      3. Connect your amplifier to your computer via USB connection.
      4. Follow the Amplifier Navigator's instruction to complete the firmware upgrade.
      5. You can verify your amplifier's firmware version with Amplifier Navigator or by navigating the front LCD menu of the amplifier: HOME>UTILITIES>STATUS>.
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