CXD / PLD amplifier gets stuck in MUTE ALL with FW 1.1.11

Information for PLD and CXD Series amplifiers. A work in progress.

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  • This phenomenon is also called: “Mute lock-out” issue which may only and randomly occur with firmware version 1.1.11. Below are steps to do for recovering:
      1. Disconnect all audio inputs.
      2. Save the current preset with an available user-defined preset (one of user presets U1 through U50)
      3. Recall a preset with a different output configuration; it can be a Factory or User preset. (i.e. if the current preset is F1: A B C D, recall a preset F2: AB C D in the Preset Recall)
      4. Recall saved preset in step #2.
      5. Reconnect all audio inputs.
    That’s it. This is a known bug and it was fixed. Please download the latest firmware at this URL:
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