Locked-out Issue with Firmware v1.4.5

Information for PLD and CXD Series amplifiers. A work in progress.

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  • Symptom:
    When using Amplifier Navigator to copy the amplifier's library / Preset to the computer, the PLD / CXD Amplifier will get locked out after "Copy Library to Computer" is completed. Pressing any Navigation (HOME / ENTER / EXIT / GAIN) and front Power buttons will not response. Amplifier status remains in “Transfer in progress” mode.

    1. Turn the power switch on the rear panel to OFF.
    2. Wait at least 2 to 3 minutes for the amplifier completely turning off.
    3. Turn the power switch to ON

    The amplifier will boot up normally and resume to normal operation. Amplifier status will show "OK".

    This is a bug with v1.4.5.10, New small release of v1.4.5 is v1.4.5.11 on Sept 17, 2014. This version would fix this issue. You can download new Amplifier Navigator version v1.4.5.11 at this URL: http://qsc.com/resources/software/amplifier-navigator/ .

    We are sorry about the inconvenience.
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