What to do if you ran into a firmware update issue v2.0.33

Information for PLD and CXD Series amplifiers. A work in progress.

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    In a rare case, a normal firmware update could not be completed successful and this could put the amplifier in undesirable state - inoperative mode such as "“External Flash Data Invalid” or "Amp Boot Failure [16199]".

    Make sure you use a provided USB cable; avoid using a long USB cable or Ethernet USB extender because they are unreliable. Follow below steps to recover:
      1. Turn the power switch located on the rear panel to OFF. If the amplifier still remains ON, disconnect the amplifier from the AC.
      2. Wait about 3 minutes for internal voltage to bleed down.
      3. Restart Amplifier Navigator
      4. Connect the amplifier to the AC and turn the power switch to ON
      5. Run the firmware update
      6. If the Amplifier Navigator displays a message "update error" and the amplifier boots in one of faulty modes, that indicates update process has been stopped and it isn't complete. Repeat steps 1 through 5 again. It may take 2-3 attempts of above steps before the amplifier recovers.

    Important notes:
    1. If the Amplifier Navigator doesn't display "update error" message and also it doesn't show any update progress immediately, that indicates the update process is still going on. Do not interrupt it unless the Amplifier Navigator displays "update error"

    2. If the fault remains, send Amplifier Navigator log file to QSC at tech_support @ qscaudio.com and thanh.nguyen @ qsc.com. We will review the log file and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

    --- For the PC user, you can find the Amplifier Navigator log file at folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\QSC Amplifiers\Log

    --- For the MAC user, the log file should be under /Home/AmplifierNavigator.

    --- The log file name is event_log_YYYY-MM-DD, i.e. event_log_2014-9-16 and this log file can be open with any text editor if you want to check it out before sending the file to QSC.

    --- Go to http://qscservice.com/index.php/resourc ... q_1005=pld to download the Firmware Update Instructions. Lastly, download "Amp Restore Utility" to restore your amplifier firmware image if the amplifier gets bricked.
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