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Update Error with Amplifier Navigator v2.1.10 and older

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:31 am
by Thanh Nguyen
When you perform a firmware update for PLD or CXD amplifier, it may get time out or it may run into communication issue. As a result, the amplifier navigator stops updating and it shows an update status: "update error" while the amplifier's LCD is totally off. In such case, close the Update status dialog and run the firmware update again. The firmware update process will continue and finish. The amplifier will automatically reboot and come back online after the completion of the update process.

Here are other scenarios:

    1. If the firmware update is successful but the amplifier does not come back online, reset the amplifier by turning the power off then on. The amplifier will come back on with the correct firmware version as shown in the amplifier navigator.

    2. If the firmware update is unsuccessful more than two times and the amplifier get stuck with fault: "External Flash Data Invalid" after reset it by turning the power off and then on, you need to download the "amp restore utility" at this URL: ... Unzip the file and read the instruction to carry out the update.
As always, contact us if you still have problem with firmware update via email: or via phone: 1-800-772-2834 (USA Customers only).