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TouchMix Wi-Fi FAQs

PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 11:11 am
by Bob Lee
Q: How many wireless devices can be connected to the mixer at one time?
A: Up to twelve devices may be connected to a TouchMix at one time.

Q: Why is there no USB Wi-Fi Adapter supplied with the TouchMix-30 Pro?
A: The TouchMix-30 Pro is more likely to be used in applications where distances are greater and where there is more potential for other radio frequency interference. For these applications, an external router with higher power and more efficient antenna is recommended.

Q: Will the USB Wi-Fi Adapter supplied with a TouchMix-8 or 16 work in a TouchMix-30 Pro?
A: Two adapters have been supplied with TouchMix-8 and 16. One of these will work with the TouchMix-30 Pro. The supported adapter is pictured below and is marked with the letter “N”. It is available here .


Q: Can I use an external router with the TouchMix-8 and 16 mixers?
A: Yes. It will require a USB to Ethernet adapter. For more information see ... /ethernet/.

Q: Are commercially available USB Wi-Fi Adapters compatible with TouchMix?
A: QSC does not support the use of adapters other than those QSC supplies. A spare / replacement may be purchased here

Q: What Wi-Fi router should I use with TouchMix?
A: We have successfully used a wide range of external Wi-Fi routers. Even inexpensive devices ($40 USD) have worked well. Most problems reported to QSC are the result of non-standard, custom configurations of the routers. Routers that support the 5 GHz band can overcome connectivity problems resulting from spectrum crowding.

Q: Which RJ45 port on the router should I connect to my TouchMix?
A: Any port other than the Internet port. The Internet port will usually be a different color than the other ports.

Q: What do I need to know to connect my TouchMix to an existing network in a facility?
A: If the network has been set up by IT professionals, they may be reluctant to allow it. But if they do, they will want to know two things.
• What port do you want them to give you? Answer – any open port will work. The mixer will find it.
• What services to you need? Answer – none. The mixer implements zero-configuration networking using Bonjour.