Application tip for leaning or wobbly pole-mounted loudspeakers

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  • The K8, K10, K12, KW122, and KW152 loudspeakers feature 35 mm pole sockets with Tilt-Direct™, which allows you to point the loudspeakers straight ahead or with a 7.5-degree downward tilt. Naturally, any pole socket has to be somewhat larger in diameter than the pole that it is used with—and yet, there's no industry-wide standard for pole diameter!

    Consequently, when used with some poles, even QSC poles, these loudspeakers might seem wobbly or might even lean slightly.

    If you have this problem, there's a little trick you can do with the Tilt-Direct mechanism to snug up the pole socket to the pole.

    1. First, set the Tilt-Direct selector ring to "0." (Or to 7.5 if you're using the downward tilt.) Place the loudspeaker on top of the pole.

    2. Jiggle the loudspeaker gently while you turn the Tilt-Direct selector ring clockwise or counterclockwise. Within a few degrees of turning, you should feel the pole socket grip the pole snugly. Try this in both directions; one might work better than the other.


    There! No more wobble or lean.
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