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  • Have you set up your TouchMix scene at the gig, and when your guitar player strikes the first chord or drummer thumps the first kick you have no sound coming out of the PA system? Here are a few troubleshooting questions to tackle solving the problem in a pinch:

    • Are the individual channel volumes down or muted?
    • Is the Main output volume down or muted?
    • Is the Main meter indicating signal? When it’s Cue’ed can a signal be heard in the phones?
    • Is the Main output assigned to a DCA group? If so, is the DCA master fader pulled up? Is the DCA Mute off?
    • Are the input channels assigned to a DCA group? If so, is the DCA master fader pulled up? Is the DCA Mute off?
    • If you are not seeing any input from channels, have you turned off the playback function in the "Record/Playback" screen? (When left on from the previous nights mixing session the TouchMix will look for the USB audio source instead of the individual inputs)
    • Have you tried loading a "Default" Scene to see if you get audio out before making adjustments?
    • Are the power amps/powered speakers turned on?

    These few questions may help give you the edge to quickly sort out any issues when time is limited. Happy gigging!
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  • When I turn my touchmix on I rarely get sound first time... I have to shut it down and restart. Any reason why?
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  • this has happend to me on several occasions as well.
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  • Same thing happened to me. I think it may have something to do with setup. When we put power to the mixer it turns on automatically. At this point we have not connected the mains. When you do plug in the main with mixer on it seems to block the signal as a protection. This weekend I connected everything and then put power to mixer. Did not have to re boot. IDK
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  • Same here.... if I turn on the mixer often nothing comes out of the mains unless I turn it off and on again... sometimes I have to unplug power if it locks up on power down...

    I am glad to see others with this issue.... probably a software glitch ... I am not alone

    at a gig this kind of nonsense can leave one with a sense of panic !

    But I have to say that it has always worked after I removed the plug and plugged it back in once or twice. Make sure you get to your gig early !

    Barring this issue (which is a very important one) this mixer is beyond great. I've replaced my Midas mixer for live gigs.
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  • Add my name to the list for this error. Hopefully it will be addressed soon.
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  • Been caught by two of these:

    DCA group not turned up
    Track in playback mode

    ...won't get fooled again :P
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