Hard case I am using for my TouchMix 16

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  • Steph wrote:Image

    Looks awesome!

    Is that the rack rail that QSC recently released?
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  • At the gig Friday night! TouchMix worked PERFECTLY!!!

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  • This is gonna sound funny, but I absolutely LOVE looking at other people's setups. Reminds me of my own triumphs, defeats, agonies, successes, etc. Yours looks great (and heck, with the TM16 at the top of the heap, so to speak, how can ya go wrong??).

    Looks like ya got a nice power trio there. I'm wondering if you're going to fully mic up the drum kit (or is it already mic'ed up??) and thus you can quite literally get a GREAT recording of you guys and upload it to the Live Music Archive (LMA) at: https://archive.org/details/etree? It's all free. There's a little bit of a learning curve to doing it "right", but once you get your workflow down, you can easily upload your gigs and share them with friends, family, (fellow forum members!!), and especially prospective venue owners/booking agents.

    I wonder if it would be helpful to create a post describing in painstaking detail how to get yer stuff ready for the LMA, upload it, and enjoy? While I usually do multi-track mixdown in Sonar X3 Producer, there IS the other way of doing it where you're mixing yourself throughout the night and you're not only recording multi-track (for later!), but you're recording either the Main mix, or possibly one of the stereo auxes and IF you mixed "good enough" that night, you can simply chop up the Main Mix stereo .wav (er...you have to "stereo-ize" it in something like Audacity) and you're ready to upload. I happen to have templates for Sonar that make my multi-track .wav's fairly easy to pull in, check some things and then render out...BUT...as I say, the Main Mix could be all most people really care about. And BELIEVE me when I say that probably every single TM16/8 owner's "Main Mix" is a WHALE of a lot better recordings than most of what's on the LMA (because they are usually audience member recordings with mic's whereas TM owners will be using a literal "board mix").

    Anyway...I digress. If you already know all this stuff...please ignore. It's just that I want to start HEARING some of you folks!!!

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  • I love your set-up. I am a sucker for neat cable management and a well set-up rig. I used to run something similar in an SKB mighty gig rig with a 16.4.2 on top. One (protected Fuhrman) power connection and switch turned on the whole rig. All components were pre-wired together. We basically rolled it in, plugged it in, connected MAINS and inputs and waited for the downbeat. (unless I needed to set up the laptop and router--that used to take longer than setting up the rest of the board!)

    The problem I had was that every time I needed to change something it took a lot of work. More importantly, the gig rig was HEAVY and took up a lot of room in the Tahoe.

    My plan with the Touchmix was to go light and fast. I ditched the outboard gear (DriveRack, verb, panels, etc) and connect everything to the TM directly. It isn't pretty but it works well and is quick to set up. Now, instead of needing two people to load the board, I carry it our to the truck with my guitar, guitar rig and mic stand. Moreover, instead of a jenga-like game of cramming everything into every spare inch of space in the back of the Tahoe, I can load the whole PA and guitar rig behind the back two seats.

    I love the TM case. I know there are more secure solutions out there, but for "light and fast" it can't be beat. Kudos to QSC for including it. As long as the zippers don't give out, I don't see a need to change. Still gotta drool over a nice rack of gear, though...

    P.S. you need a rack mount tuner in that thing! Not to tune your guitar...just because they look cool.
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