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  • I just wanted to share a trick I came up with to add an additional wired in ear aux out that I am currently using on the TM16. Right now I have currently maxed out my board on inputs, and everyone in my band is wanting a little piece of control using the iPhone app to control their in ears. The problem was that me (keyboards) and the drummer are currently using the only 2 stereo aux outs for our wired in ears. Aux 7/8 and aux 9/10. The other 3 musicians have their wireless in ears on auxes 1, 2, & 3 and control them themselves using the iPhone app. I have another musician who only has a set of 1/4" wired in ear monitors, but does not have the funds to get a wireless setup to use the remaining xlr aux outputs. I discovered a workaround for him. I don't use the headphone cue output too much personally, so I set the cue output volume to about 70%, renamed aux 6 his name and hit the cue button on aux 6. His iPhone is set to control aux 6, his mix comes out of the headphone cue output, into a headphone extension wire, and to his in ears. Since he is listening to the cued aux 6, the app still works where no matter what levels he changes in his mix it is reflected in his in ears. Using this trick, you can also add one more wired in ear using the monitor cue output. The only thing is that the headphone and monitor cue outputs would share the same mix because they both listen to the same cued channels/auxes. Just thought I'd share that little trick I came up with. I know it's not the official use for those outputs but it is a cool work around if anyone else finds themselves short on wired mixes.
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  • Neat idea.
    Is he getting mono or stereo? Aux is mono, queue is stereo (I think).
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  • LoneLizard wrote:Neat idea.
    Is he getting mono or stereo? Aux is mono, queue is stereo (I think).

    He is getting it in split mono, same signal in both ears. But I don't mix anything hard panned so it really doesn't make a difference if it is true stereo or not.
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  • Another Trick is to pair 2 aux channels (e.g. aux 1 and aux 2) and use a Y-cable on aux 1 and aux 2 out.
    Cable: XLR female + XLR female goning to a stereo (mini) Jack Female.
    Volume slider from Aux send 1 works for Aux 1 and 2.
    Depending on the headphones and cable lenght you have to use a small device to pump up the level for the headphones.
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  • Its worth noting that the XLR outputs might clip prematurely when trying to drive headphones, since they're meant for the 10kohm input impedance of power amplifiers, rather than the ~32ohm load that headphones show. There'll definitely be a difference in output current.

    Headphone amplifiers are cheap, so I'd grab one of those.

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  • There are cheap headphone amp packs that plug into canon jacks. The Behringer P1 - $115 in Australia ... multiple by about 0.75 for a rough idea of US price - comes to mind but there are others.
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