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Tue Nov 03, 2015 3:28 am

  • I currently have a GX5 amp running two 8 ohm 250 watt RMS mid-range speakers JBL JRX 115
    I am looking at buying a GX7 amp to possibly run some new RCF ART 725 passive Speakers Rated at Rating:650 W AES

    My question is, If I then buy some bass bins, Can I link the GX5 and GX7 ( pass signal from one to another) and have one running bass bins, one running the tops?
    Or can I only have one channel on each amp set for Low pass and 1 for high pass?
    In other words one amp runs right side bass/tops, other runs left side bass/tops?

    Also would the GX7 be ok if used on 205w RMS speakers, the JBL 115?

    Currently with my GX5 running the JBL, I have my mixer giving around 0Db with amp gains at about 3 ‘o’clock, this is just before clipping starts with that set up, so maybe a gx7 could be too much for those speakers.
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Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:28 pm

  • If you use the amps' internal crossovers, you would use channel 1 for the sub and channel2 for the top.

    You can use a GX5 on one side and a GX7 on the other, but to match their gains you would set the GX7 gain lower, by 1.7 dB (2 dB should be close enough).

    If you want to use the GX7 on the subs and the GX5 on the tops, you would need an active crossover to split the audio frequency bands accordingly.
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Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:54 am

  • I have two GX 7s and a GX 5. That being said I think the 7 would be to powerful for the JBLs'. I use a Driverack PA2 with two GX 7s for crossing over. All being said I would use the GX5 (JBLs) and a GX7 (subs) with a good xover like Bob stated.
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