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Tue May 31, 2016 6:39 am

  • Hello, i have installed some SPA series amplifiers in a hotel and i have a couple of questions:

    One spa260(100v bridged mode) which is connected to an RDL input attenuator potentiometer is reported to distort once or twice after 1 month of normal functioning period.
    I have measured the impedance load on the amp and is above the specified rating in the manual.
    Today this happened twice (i wasnt there) and what they they reported was: it started distorting, then they turned the remote potentiometer to 0 (which puts the amp to "sleep mode") and immediately afterwards they turned it up and the system worked ok. I forgot to mention that the amp is operating in normal levels, so it shouldnt be a matter of output clipping. Any clues?

    Also, some of the SPA amps get quite hot, is there a working temperature minimum and maximum i should be aware of?

    Best regards to the team and looking forward to hear from you ASAP!

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