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Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:15 am

  • HI

    What means in Signal Manager notice - "Setting Power - Up Preset FAILED!" ?
    Where is mistake, why I can`t save edited configuration in DSP unit as recalable preset?

    Thanks, Maris
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Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:00 am

  • Hello Maris,

    This is a bit of a bug, but is easily explained and corrected.

    The short answer:
    First go the desired Preset first (such as #8), double-click your new design config, then use "Apply to DSP" instead of "Save to DSP".

    The long answer:
    The DSP software is trying to set the "Power Up Preset" at the same time you save the Preset. The Power Up Preset is the Preset which will automatically start running whenever you turn on the DSP unit. By default, the software always assumes this is the most current (active) Preset you are looking at in the software. For example, if you "Get DSP Preset" and choose #2, then you are listening to (and viewing) Preset 2. If you turn off the DSP unit at that point, then turn it back on, it will start up with Preset 2, as expected.

    If you then "Get DSP Preset" #8, it will close Preset 2 and load Preset 8. Now, if you turn off the DSP unit, then turn it back on, it will start with Preset 8, since that is the last preset you were using.

    Your problem is because your design is just large enough to take a little longer to store into the Preset when you use the "Save DSP Preset" menu instead of "Apply to DSP" menu. The DSP does not have time to complete the "Store this as the Power Up" part of the process. This is nothing wrong that you are doing, it is a bug in how the software works.

    The way to work around the problem is this:

    Assume you want your design to be stored as Preset 3.
    1- Create your design config and save it to your hard drive (as you have already done).

    2- Go to Preset 3 of the DSP unit by choosing "Get DSP Preset" from the Configuration menu. Do not worry if you see some other config in Preset 3, just make sure the words "Preset 3" appear at the top of the design window. If the actual file of the config exists in the left-hand column, then the words Preset 3 will be blue. If the file does not exist (i.e., the DSP is running something that your computer does not have) then the "Preset 3" will be gray.

    3- Double-click your desired config from the list. You might see a message to "Close current design?" just choose Yes. You should see your config in the design window, and the words "Preset 3" will probably be gray. This tells you the DSP is still in Preset 3, but what you see on the screen (your design) is not what is currently in Preset 3 of the unit (unless you have loaded it to #3 in the past).

    4- You will have to get into "edit mode" by hitting Ctrl-E.

    5- Now, this is the "trick" -- do not choose "Save DSP Preset" but rather choose "Apply to DSP". This will load your config into the current Preset 3, and because Preset 3 is currently visible then it will also be the default Power Up preset the next time the DSP unit is restarted. You should not get an error message doing it this way.

    Always use "Apply to DSP" instead of "Save to DSP" and you will never have a problem.

    Let me know if you still have questions.

    Fred Thomke
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Thu Apr 29, 2010 1:09 am

  • Hi Fred

    Thanks for replay! It help

    Best Regards,
    Maris Liepa

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