QSC GX3 Noisy Fan Upgade Walk through.

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  • Hi QSC Members and Moderators. I just recently purchased two of the QSC GX3 Amplifiers for my home system. I bought them to replace my older Peavey CS 400 and CS 800 Amplifiers. I am very happy with the all around performance and sound quality of these amplifiers. I am running them off of my Krell Showcase Preamps Processor and everything sounds wonderful. The only issue I had with the GX3's was the loud fans when I am trying to listen to my music at low levels. So I started doing some research and I noticed a small group of home users had the same problem. I read some ways to rig it but i didn't want to do that. So i did some looking around for similar fans that were similar in CFM's and quiet. I ended up finding some direct fit replacements that go right in. Pretty much dead quiet except when I push the amps and you hear a light breeze when the fans run higher to cool the amps from being pushed. I don't know of this little upgrade voids the warranty or not. I took the chance cause i didn't want to bring the amps back cause i love the sound of them. Here is a walk through and link on the fans I used as a replacement. Just do a Google Copy and Paste Search.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/BP8025M24-FAN-2 ... 1547124760

    Walk Through: ETA 20-30 minutes. Tools Needed - #2 Phillips screwdriver, A very small flat head and normal flat head screwdriver small black zip ties and a razor knife.


    Step 1 - Make sure power is off and unplug all cables.

    Step 2- Remove all of the phillips screws. 3 on the right side, 4 on the left side, 5 on the back and 2 on the top that are covered with black disc. I used a razor knife to pop them off. Some might need a hair dryer or heating gun just to get them off.

    Step 3 - Locate the fan and trace the wire back to where it is plugged in. Once traced cut off 4 or 5 small zip ties that are holding all of the wires together and be sure to replace them when you install the new fan.

    Step 4 - Once you located the wire and have it pulled back to the fan go ahead and remove the fan from the amp. Now take your small flat head screwdriver and put it between the fan and the tab that has the fan locked in. With your normal sized flat head put it between the shroud and the fan and start twisting it back and fourth till you see it finally coming loose. This method will need to be done on all four sides till the fan comes off the shroud. Try not to damage the original fan.

    Step 5 - Once the old fan is off install the new fan on with the air flow and rotation the same as the original fan. The new fan should fit exactly as the old one did. Once the fan is firmly back on the shroud place it back in the amp and run your fan wire back the way it came out.

    Step 6 - Once the wire is ran and connected, replace the zip ties. Plug it in with caution and turn the amp on making sure the fan is running. Once that is confirmed go ahead and turn the amp back off and unplug it again for safe measure.

    Step 7 - Once everything seems to be in order go ahead and put the top back on and all the screws that were removed.

    Hope this was helpful!
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