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K, KW, and KLA Series loudspeakers

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  • If you mount your loudspeakers atop poles or stands, you're probably familiar with this issue.

    There are some common loudspeaker pole diameters, but no one industry-wide standard. Loudspeaker manufacturers—QSC included—are left to decide how large their pole cups should be; obviously, they want it large enough to fit any pole or stand that's likely to be used with their loudspeakers, but really not any larger. After all, it doesn't take even a millimeter's mismatch between pole and cup to make the loudspeaker seem loose, wobbly, and maybe even tilted as it sits there.

    An unforeseen capability of the Tilt-Direct pole cups used on K and KW Series loudspeakers is that they can be made snug to just about any pole diameter, eliminating wobble and slightly crooked stance. Here's what to do:

    Set the loudspeaker on the pole, as usual.
    If you're using the 7.5 degree tilt feature, set the dial to 7.5 instead of 0 before you place the loudspeaker on the pole.

    Hold the loudspeaker in place in the direction you want it. Then turn the Tilt-Direct dial until it's snug against the pole.

    Try it in the other direction, too. Depending on the pole and the position, it might just happen to grip better one way than the other.
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