2x Ksub and 2x Kw181 placement ideas?

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  • So we have just purchased 2 kw181's to go with our current Ksubs, and usually outdoors we would just stack in a line the 2 ksubs in the centre. Now that we have 4 subs to line up, i am unsure of the best way to do it as i dont want to cause any filtering effects of any kind, but i want to keep the most dB boost when adding more speakers together.

    SO an example of what i mean is:


    Placing all the subs in a line together, or would i be better off placing the Ksubs sideways and placing the Kw's on top

    Ksub ,Ksub

    Any ideas are welcome?

    Thanks :)
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  • Nice question, strange you didn't get any feedback. Did you? I have a similar set up and would love to here how you have moved fwd.

    Cheers, Sergio
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  • Do you not get a 3Db gain by placing the 2 KW181 next to each other, so in that case would the 2 kubs not be best either side of those ? What i imaging would have been better was 4 KW181 as they are better matched.
    But Ksub,Kw181,Kw181,Ksub sounds better
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  • In general, the more tightly you pack subwoofers, the more closely they behave as a point source. Two subs on top of two subs would be a good example.

    You can't always stack subs on top of subs, usually due to space or sightline constraints. Running a tightly packed line four across, and symmetrical if the subs aren't all identical, will create an array that fires most strongly in broadsides directions—front and back, for example—and somewhat less off the ends. Tightly packing the subs will help reduce lobing and comb filtering in the subwoofers' segment of the frequency spectrum.

    Which is better? It depends. Either arrangement can work very well.
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