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Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:59 pm

  • We have 10 KLA12 that we want to refurbish.
    Several of them have minor issues, including:
    grill cloth that vibrates against the grill
    grills need paint
    hardware that resonates and buzzes
    hooks that keep popping up, won't stay retracted when not in use
    One has always been missing the pin on the bottom that the suspension hook should engage, so that KLA12 always has to go on the bottom of the array.
    Anybody have any experience or advice on these repairs?
    Is there a spray adhesive that we can use to re-glue the grill cloths to the inside of the grills?
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Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:48 pm

  • I asked our Technical Services Group to comment. Here are their recommendations:

    For grille repairs, we do not recommend fixing the individual items mentioned. The cost of a new grille would be cheaper than the labor time involved in masking, painting, and regluing the cloth. QSC doesn’t stock matching grille paint or cloth for the KLA12, so it would be best to purchase the grille replacement. A new grille can be purchased from our online store if you are located in the US (contact your QSC distributor if you are outside the US).
    For Black KLA12 speakers, use: http://www.qscparts.com/wp000980ts.html
    For White KLA12 speakers, use: http://www.qscparts.com/wp000981ts.html

    The internal assembly of the components used in the KLA12 rigging system is very complicated; therefore, we do not recommend repairing this. If hooks do not engage, there is a safety concern if the rigging system is not repaired correctly. We recommend purchasing the entire side rigging assemblies if replacement is needed for broken or heavily used. Please see the links below to purchase from our online store. The Left or Right rigging assemblies are determined by looking at the loudspeaker from the rear (not the front):
    For the right rigging assembly, black: http://www.qscparts.com/wp-001239-01.html
    For the left rigging assembly, black: http://www.qscparts.com/wp00123801.html
    For the right rigging assembly, white: http://www.qscparts.com/wp-001239-02.html
    For the left rigging assembly, white: http://www.qscparts.com/wp-001238-02.html
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