K8 in home theater firmware update to dial back fan?

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  • I have K8's as my surround speakers in my home theater. I purchased these used and their serial numbers are :
    They both have fans that run 90% of the time when turned on with very little signal or volume.
    I love in the Twin Cities (MN) so I called electronic musical inst. (EMI) as well as the good guys who are listed as QSC service centers and asked about a firmware update that would fix the aggressive fan usage. They both didn't really know what I was talking about, EMI said that I had to send the K8's in to QSC for the updates, and the good guys said that it sounds like they need to replace the fans.
    I don't want to mess around spending money on diagnostics if the true problem is a firmware update that I should just be seeking from QSC. Please advise on how I should proceed.
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