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Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:24 pm

  • I'm extremely wet behind the ears when it comes to audio equipment so please bear with me. I announce rodeos and two times my set up six K12's and three KW181 Subs have done this. I come out of my Mixer (Allen and Heath) to the B channel on my subs and then to the B channel on the six K12's. For some reason the first two K12's stop working. Almost like the limiters are stopping them. The remaining four K12's still work fine. Doesn't matter which two k12's are after those subs...they stop working...actually they are just extremely quiet. After the first time it did this I went out and bought all new XLR cables so I'm certain its not a cable. I had two 20 amp lines dedicated only to those speakers. I put two subs and two K12s on a line and one sub and four K12 speakers on the other line. They were on 100ft 12gauge cords directly out of a 200 amp service.

    Now today I hooked up one sub and six K12s at my house and they all worked fine. I haven't hooked them up with all three subs yet. Has anyone ever had this happen? Or knows why they did that? It's nerve racking to go to a rodeo and set up my stuff and wonder if its going to work.

    Also I run music from my lap top and two wireless mics for me and the rodeo clown. Don't know if that matters but I want all the info out there. Also gains on K12's are 5/8 and Subs were at 3/4.
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Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:03 pm

  • Do the K12 loudspeakers that stop working still have the LEDs lit on the back, or do they totally go dead?
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