K10 mounting horizontally on truss?

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Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:25 am

  • Hi - i'm going to mount the K10s (with their brackets) to a truss horizontally (permanent installation). Do I need two truss clamps or is one enough? I'm thinking of using something like the attached image. I will absolutely be using a safety cable, through the handle of the K10.

    Any better/safer ways to do this?

    Truss Clamp
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  • Yes, you can use a cheseboro (there are many variations of the spelling) clamp or half coupler to attach the yoke mount to a truss or pipe.

    Don't use the loudspeaker handle for the safety line. Attach a suitable forged M10 eye bolt with shoulder (for example, HW-000137-00 from www.qscparts.com) to one of the M10 attachment points (preferably one close to the center of gravity) and attach the safety line to it. Don't allow too much slack in the safety line.
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  • Bob - thanks for the feedback and the tip on safety line attachment. I will use the M10 as you recommend. Thanks!
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