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Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:20 pm

  • My question, using my E10 for a stage monitor, is adjusting the settings on my monitor's output 31 band EQ. I am powering the E10 speakers with the GX5 amp which has no DSP.

    Do I set/adjust the 31 band graphic EQ based on the E10 tunings that are provided? +9 @ 69 HZ, -2 @1250 HZ, +5 @ 4000 HZ and -8 @ 5000 HZ?

    Just to get a baseline sound, then fine adjust the EQ as needed for feedback, etc.?

    I will eventually get a GXD or PLD to have these settings built in, but it may be awhile.

    Any suggestions?
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Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:10 am

  • Since you're using it as a stage monitor, you really should tailor the EQ to the particular acoustics of the situation along with the performer's preferences.

    Ring out the system and use the EQ to tame problem frequencies that tend to feed back. That'll vary from place to place, from setup to setup. A parametric EQ would be ideal for this, but a 31-band graphic can help a lot. Usually you'd want to avoid significant bass boost.

    Also, the performer needs to like what he or she hears in the monitors. That gets subjective, and it gets tied in with the overall monitor mix as well.
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