Why there's some noise at the loudspeaker of my audio?

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  • Hi,

    I've made an audio amplifier on breadboard using this schematic:


    Before I made it I tested it on MultiSIM... this is how my circuit looks like (I replaced the audio in jack with a function generator and also TIP41C is a smiliar NPN transistor as 2N3053, makes very little difference)


    My output is amplified but the signal isn't of the same shape... why is that? The left pic is the input and the right one is the output.


    When I made it on breadboard it works fine but there's some static noise generated at the loudspeaker (I'm going to guess this is because I have a cheap 8ohm 0.2W one).

    But the main problem is the audio isn't really that loud. I assume this is because of the values of resistances/capacitors. I tried a few different values of resistances but it didn't make a difference. How would I calculate or know what values of the resistors/capacitors would give me a louder output here?

    Help would be appreciated.
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  • I would suggest that you try www.diyaudio.com. We generally don't comment on personal electronic projects, even if they are audio related.
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