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Mon Dec 08, 2014 2:44 pm

  • dear bob & crew..been following dis group 4 a while..finally pushed a button & joined up..nuff knowledgable people round here...

    my first question..i own 2 rmx 2450 amps..i have 2 mid//top speakers rated at 320 watts continuous,,640 peak at 8ohm & 2 bass bins 500 watts continuous,,1000 peak at 8ohms..done all the maths so i would like to use one in stereo to run the tops & the other in bridge mode to run the bass..i have an eq & crossover to deal with the frequencys so on paper,,this should work fine..btw..this set up is for djing mainly reggae,,r&b,,soul & house music...

    i would like to know,,if i plug in one amp & a crossover or one amp & a equalizer together in one extension lead to one power point,,would this cause power surge & cut out the power??if so,,i have read & heard about distros & pdus but don't quite understand it..any suggestions would be helpful...my set up..2 citronic cd decks..1 gemini mixer..1 peavy crossover..1 behringer 15 band dual channel eq
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Mon Dec 08, 2014 6:22 pm

  • A power surge is caused by a fault on the mains that produces an excessively high voltage. Power amps won't cause a power surge.

    You can run the RMX2450 in bridged mono and drive the bass bins connected in parallel. Make sure the clip limiter is engaged on channel 1, but more importantly, don't let the clip LED light up any more than an occasional flash.

    And then you can put the mid/tops, one on each channel, on the other RMX2450. You can figure that the total worst-case current draw for the two amps will be less than 7 A.
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Tue Dec 09, 2014 1:26 pm

  • thanks for the info bob..i like to be careful..i have 3 good make extension leads..1 for the 2 decks,,mixer & pre-amp..i wanted to know if plug a peavy crossover & behringer eq in together with one amp,,will this be safe..ur answer pretty much answers this as u say it's ok to run 2 amps on 1 extension lead because it shouldn't draw more than 7 amps..just double checking..
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