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Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:40 pm

  • hi bob..last time,,chatted to u about my rmx 2450...still going strong...i now own a pl4..another great amp & much lighter,,which is better for me...

    my questions & scenarios...instead of carrying the rmx out with me,,for certain events just wanted to take out the pl4 on it's own...i usually run all my amps down to 4 ohm,,,so if i wanted to run this amp with 2 4ohm highs one side=2 ohms & 2 4 ohm lows on the other side,,using a crossover before the amp,,probably running it at 2 thirds to 3 quarter volume,,firstly,,what would be the rough power consumption in uk pls??

    how would the amp run & would you say this is safe for a twelve hour do???also,,from time to time,,looking to run one side at 2 ohms & the other at 4 ohms..is this also safe???8 & 4 i have done,,no probs,,but 4 ohm & 2 ohm haven't tried...love my qsc amps,,i know they are robust,,but i like to be careful...thanx..
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Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:46 pm

  • With a 2Ω load on each channel of a PL4.0, the worst-case current draw on 240V mains would be about 10.6 A.

    With a 2Ω load on one channel and 4Ω on the other, the worst case current draw would be around 9 A.

    And assuming the amp's air flow is not impeded and the mains doesn't falter, the amp can run for more than 12 hours.
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Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:51 pm

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