GX5 or GX7 upgrade?

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Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:26 pm

  • I currently run 2 Peavey 115's & 2 Peavey 118's Subs @ 400w programs. Right now I just use the amps crossover switch and daisy chain them. I am thinking of purchasing another amp to add to this setup. Should I purchase another GX5 or upgrade to a GX7? Also I hear a lot of people mention that adding a crossover will help my sound tremendously. Should I add a crossover as well?
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Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:29 pm

  • The GX5, at 500 W into 8Ω, is closer to the optimal power point for your subs. You could, however, go with a GX7 for a little added headroom, particularly if you think you might be upgrading the subs sometime in the future.

    Since you have one GX5, if you get another you could just use the amps' internal crossover filters and do a sub and a top on each amp. Using an external crossover would make more sense if you choose a GX7. Then you could use the GX7 on the two subs and the GX5 on the two tops. Of course, you'd have to configure the crossover; Peavey should be able to give you some advice on what might be suitable for the loudspeakers you have.
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