Can we please get a 6k watts amp???

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Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:11 pm

  • Hey guys I'm new to the forum and love the QSC power amps plx, pl2, and pl3's. I own a audio company and see the need for a stereo amp that pumps 3k per side at 4ohms. My pl380 is marketed as a 8k amp but only delivers 2500 per channel at 4ohms. This was very disappointing... But a great amp all the same. Those of us really working our systems full time aren't running subs at 2ohms for a variety of reasons. I run most of my rigs at 4ohms or even 8ohms. This saves massive amounts of heat and makes everything run so much smoother. The damping factor is better this way, and you got amps to spare if something was to go down. In 25 years I've never been able to not get through a show because of amps going down. I know guys running rigs at 2ohms and when something goes down the show suffers big time.
    So, my question is does qsc have something like the iTech6000 (discontinued) in the works? The power of the iTech was great but I hated the dsp. Would just love to see you guys build something like this that was non dsp pl3 quality power.
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  • Are you actually pushing the PL380 to the point of clipping?
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