Q-SYS Art-Net Plugin available for download

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  • Hi everyone,

    Attached is my Art-Net plugin (as a .zip file because .qsys files are not allowed to be uploaded), feel free to use and abuse it. It is reasonably well featured - you can specify Net, Sub-Net and Universe, it sends ArtPoll requests and replies to them. The attached file comes with a demo page as well as a couple of other plugins that are just in my "tool kit". It shouldn't need a user guide really - select the number of channels you need in the properties section, then just put the IP of your art-net node in the textbox in the plugin GUI, enter the address of the universe you want to control and you're done.

    As it says many times in the code and the attached file - use it at your own risk! I will try and support it but I can't promise anything. It has not been tested on a core (I don't have one), or a hardware art-net node (I also don't have one). But it works fine in the simulator using a software art-net receiver.

    This forum seems pretty quiet, is there anywhere else I should share this? I'll probably post it on the Tag forum.

    Why am I doing this? To put it bluntly - because I'm looking for work. I'm having a change of career path and part of that includes learning integration tools - this plugin I wrote to prove to myself that I understand the basics of Q-SYS. If you want to know more about me I'm on Linkedin here, or feel free to drop me an email (my address is on the bottom of the plugins).

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