Recording multiple sets & powering down

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have two questions for you all. First, I finally got my TM16 to record a set on the weekend. I had a lot of trouble getting the external hard drive (Kingston 120gb) to work with the TM. It would always start recording and then a song in, it would stop and say that the device was full. Anyway, that was all corrected.

    However, at the show, I recorded the first set which was 50 minutes long and then I clicked the record button to stop it. When I went back to record the next set, nothing would happen when I would click record. I clicked it any way just to see and about a song in, I got the error message about my drive being full. Luckily I did capture the first set but did I do something wrong here? My drive is definitely not full.

    The other question I have is about powering down. When I shut down the TM16 by clicking on the power button, everything shuts down but the power and record buttons maintain a dim light underneath. Is this normal?
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  • Hi Petty1818,

    Sorry to hear that you couldn't record your whole show. Did you use a harddisk which is supported by QSC? Also, is it a solid state drive? This makes a huge difference.

    The power-down button is just to put you TM in a sort of stand-by mode. From this mode it is save to unplug the power cord. Have you noticed the difference in starting up from stand-by versus starting up after you connected the power? From de stand-by mode it is much quicker.
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