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    My personal band rehearsal scene and go-to scene for a standard 4-Piece Rock Band: 2 guitars, bass and drums with vocal mics for 4. Check out the description file for details.

    Ordered, arranged and setup for 2 guitarists and 1 bassist in front line with drummer upstage. Vocal mics for each on 1-4 using standard mics. Guitars and Bass on 5-7 all using XLRs direct to mixer from their boards/amps with channel 8 ready for an acoustic or miscellaneous instrument. Drums using a standard 7-Piece drum mic kit on 9-15. Panned for some stereo separation on guitars and drums. 4 Auxes setup ready for 1 for each musician. Channels began from presets with some tweaking. DCA and Mute Groups are set up.
    4-Piece Rock Band Scene Description.xlsx
    This Excel 2007 Spreadsheet provides an overview of the scene setup.
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    4-Piece Rock Band
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