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Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:40 pm

  • I play with a Roland TD-20 kit and I use the master outputs instead of the direct outputs. I don't have the patients nor the number of required inputs to go direct. Does anyone have any "drum set" presets they would like to share.
    I suppose I could check all of the factory presents for various drum set components and come up with something that would work. Any ideas?
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Mon Aug 31, 2015 2:20 am

  • I'd set off with some compression. Probably something like...

    thresh: -20
    ratio: 3:1
    attack and release as small as possible.

    If the drum machine is using a decent, well-recorded kit sound, you shouldn't need much EQ. That said...

    Boost/cut these until you like what you hear.
    30-70Hz is the bottom end oomph of the kick drum. 2-3kHz is the click of the beater.
    180-350Hz (ish) is the "boing" on toms.
    Above 500Hz you're shaping the sound of the attack of the drums (eg, boost around 800Hz IIRC to make people blink whenever you hit the snare). Past a couple of kHz is pretty much all "treble" and is playing with the sound of the cymbals/hi-hat.

    Try to avoid boosting much. For a live sound, making sure the PA still has a bit of power to spare is good - no point in driving all the amps to clipping just because you wanted a particular kick drum sound.

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Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:06 pm

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