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  • The build has 5-1/3 ms latency by default. It also has all channels at 20-bit resolution. These parameters (latency, channel resolution, etc.) can all be "tweaked" by using what is called a MIB Browser to get "under the hood" via SNMP and access those parameters.

    The difference is that the firmware is a conveniency build which, when used in a legacy Rave, automatically makes the bundle latency 2-2/3 ms, with all the channels set to 24-bit resolution, without requiring any tweaking with a MIB Browser. The legacy Rave models shipped from the factory with the ".1" build, while the ".2" build is available from our website (click here).

    The bundle latency would have to match in order for two CobraNet products to transmit and receive the bundle correctly. QSC Cobranet products supports standard latency (5-1/3 ms) and low latency (2-2/3 ms), so the two builds provide a convenient way to allow compatibility with either desired latency.

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