UCI controls not stacking properly when opening file

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  • I have been working on a UCI for several days now, and suddenly yesterday when I opened the file several of the my controls were sent to the back of the UCI page unexpectedly making them invisible as I had them layered on top of some text boxes with opaque backgrounds. Has any else experienced this issue? I set things straight and saved a new copy of the file. When I closed and reopened the new file, I had the same issue. The only way I have found to actually fix the problem when it occurs is to make a new UCI and copy everything into it. But even then, the issue seems to come back after a while. I can't figure out what is causing it in the first place. Any ideas?


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  • David,

    This is a support issue that would need to see your design. Please contact us at QSC through the email address in the help file (F1 key) listed in the Support section.
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  • I've had this issue on several UCI's in my most recent design (5.1.57).

    One was a group of buttons that got permanently "sent to back". The only way I could get them to "front" was to GROUP them.
    As soon as you UNGROUP them they, return to the rear.
    I had other issues including my background of certain pages not staying in the back. Other controls or text would get behind the background, without me "sending to back".
    It cost me a lot of time constantly reshuffling what level the graphics were at, any time I made a change to a page.
    I am going to try using Layers more, to see if that helps - but it's sort of a dodge of the actual problem.

    I'm having fun with what I can do in Qsys, but photoshop it's not :-)
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